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Visit SATIR at CES Asia

by 관리자 posted Sep 21, 2018


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SATIR will be exhibiting at N2 | 2272 CES Asia

SATIR are proud to announce we will be showcasing a wide range of thermal imaging products at CES Asia. CES Asia is taking place from the 13 -15 June in Shanghai at the New international Expo Center. There are over 500 companies exhibiting alongside with SATIR and there is over 40,000 people due to attend the show. CES Asia showcases the very best in consumer technology that China has to offer. There are a range of innovative products from a wide range of sectors available at the show such as wearables, smart home and vehicle technology. 

SATIR Vehicle Technology at CES Asia

Vehicle technology is going to be a very important topic this year at CES Asia, as there are going to be more car manufacturers at CES Asia than any other show in Asia. There will also be the latest vehicle technology on show including self-driving cars, electric cars and new vehicle technology.

SATIR will be part of the new vehicle technology movement as we will be showcasing a range of thermal imaging products that are suitable for the vehicle sector. SATIR has 3 different vehicle cameras, the NV628, NV618W and the NV618S.  These can be used for a variety of different vehicle applications. 

SATIR Consumer Bestsellers at CES Asia

SATIR will be also showcasing a range of thermal imaging products that are a hit with end-users and consumers. These will include the PK-Series which features the PK160 and the PK80. The PK-Series is an entry level thermal imaging tablet that is suitable for checking for issues in your home or business. The thermal tablet can detect issues such as pipe leaks, drafts from windows and door. It is very user friendly and easy for consumers to use. 

Meet us at N2 | 2272

To receive further information on these products and to receive live demostrations.