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UAV/Drones & Thermal Imaging

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UAV/Drones & Thermal Imaging

The Latest in thermal imaging drone technology




UAV/Drones & Thermal Imaging

With the introduction of the SATIR new UAV/Drone range, we thought we would explain what applications would benefit from a thermal imaging drone/UAV.

In what applications can a Thermal Imaging Drone/UAV be used?

A thermal imaging drone/UAV can be used in several different applications. There are three main application sectors that will benefit from the use of a thermal imaging survey carried out by a drone or a UAV.

Search & Rescue
The first being for search and rescue purposes, a drone can cover much more ground quickly than a team of rescue personnel. This can be the difference of life and death for the lost persons depending on the individual situation.  Digital Cameras on drones are very popular and can be used in a search and rescue operations. However, if the person is unconscious or the search is taking place late in the evenings these drones with digital CCD cameras can have great difficulty in searching for the missing person. A thermal camera on a drone in this situation would be more beneficial in finding the missing person/s. A thermal camera is a temperature measurement camera that can detect temperatures from -20°C to +150°C. This means the person/s can be detected even in darkness.

Preventative Maintenance

The second main application of using a thermal imaging drone/uav is for preventative maintenance in areas of building/construction and power/energy. Traditional handheld thermal imaging cameras has been used over the last number of decades in maintenance inspections in building and power lines. However, with more high-rise construction being demanded in cities and the height of pylons it can be very dangerous and costly to carry out maintenance inspections due to hiring out cherrypickers or buying specialist ladders. A SATIR UAV/Drone will help to save on costs and save lives as it can be operated remotely from the ground with the team of thermographer and a drone operator.

The final main application where thermal imaging drones are beneficial is in the agricultural sector. A thermal imaging drone will give the farmer a birds-eye view of their crops and land. Irrigation management benefits from the use of a thermal imaging as they provide a insight into areas that are pooling water or crop areas that are not getting enough water. These issues can alter the successfulness of the crop production and quality. Thermal imaging drones are also useful for livestock monitoring to check on livestock health, such as if they are injured or missing.

Why Choose from SATIR UAV/Drone Range?
The new SATIR range of UAV/drones has 5 different models which allows the user to have a wide choice of thermal imaging drones/UAVs.
The UAV 320-640 Series covers 4 different UAV systems with different product specifications. The UAV systems support HDMI & SD video signals. They have high gain tablet directive antenna; transmission distance can reach 10km.

The SATIR UAV P4 is the ideal UAV Drone to carry out thermal surveys for powerline inspections. The UAV P4 is based on the phantom 4 platform which is portable and integrates with SATR infrared core.

More Information on SATIR Drones:

UAV 320-640 Series https://satir.com/product/uav-drone-320-640-series

UAV P4 https://satir.com/product/uav-p4-infrared-inspection-system

PLEASE NOTE: Before operating a drone, please make sure you have suffcient training in drone operation and check your country regulations for operating drones/UAVs.

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