1. Thermal Imaging and Car Night Vision

    In recent years, there has been a drop in car and vehicle prices, this has seen an increase in road users. The more people that are on the roads, the greater the chances of accidents occurring. We reviewed the most recent fatal collision st...
    Date2017.09.02 Category보안 By관리자
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  2. Thermal Imaging and Security

    Learn about how thermal cameras can be used for security How do Thermal Camera work in a security situation? Thermal Imaging Network Monitoring Systems are based on using network protocols WAN and/or LAN. It can function as a separate monito...
    Date2017.09.02 Category보안 By관리자
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  3. Thermal Imaging and Fire Protection

    Learn about Thermal Cameras & Fire Safety SATIR infrared cameras can be used to take thermal images for fire protection purposes. This helps to save lives of firefighters and people who are trapped in fire. High temperatures in a fire wi...
    Date2017.09.02 Category보안 By관리자
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